Truck Weight bridges

We offer a complete line of vehicle scale products, accessories, and services. Truck weighbridge scales are available with

  • Steel weighbridges
  • Concrete weighbridges

Choose from a wide range of steel and concrete deck truck scale designs that use our load cell technology to provide proven performance and exceptional durability. Weighbridges designed for applications that range from light commercial to extreme heavy duty. Conversion kits are available to retrofit existing scales with the latest weighing technology. Truck weighing is often an integral component of a company’s throughput and profit stream. 

Capacity: 10ton to 200ton.

STEEL Weightbridge Scale

Steel weighbridge duty scale mainly use for highway vehicles and it is built in the most modern production plants, poultry farms, highways, warehouses etc. It is designed to be mounted in ground, above ground or as a portable scale. The tread plate driving surface is built on continuously-welded, tortionally-rigid, orthotropic ribs for long service life. Our load cells keep your scale running for years. It can significantly reduce overseas and on-the-road logistics costs

CONCRETE Weightbridge Scale

Concrete weighbridge scale for weighing over-the-road legal vehicles. These are long lasting. It is a composite design that uses a concrete deck with a factory-produced modular steel framework. This simplifies installation and ensures the overall quality of the deck. It is designed to be mounted in the ground, above ground, or as a portable scale. Our load cells keep your scale working accurately and reliably for years.

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