Our thermometers are often used for decades and are highly reliable. In other words, as long as the casing of our thermometer is not mechanically damaged, it will always be highly accurate. We offer two types of Thermometers like:

  • Mercury Thermometers (Wooden)
  • Digital Thermometers

Our thermometers offer clear advantages:

  • no moving parts
  • virtually no material fatigue or ageing
  • no electrical power required
  • high mechanical stability
  • highly accurate
  • extraordinarily long service life
MERCURY Thermometers (Wooden)

A popular and inexpensive range of traditional wooden backed wall thermometers. For a variety of applications, especially where a general, non-recording indication of the ambient temperature is required. A thermometer in the home/ field/ Poultry/ office/ Factory/ Storage Facilities/ Food Storage/ Schools/ Medical Centres/ Hospitals/ Nursing homes/ Residential care centres will allow you to check temperature levels and set your heating and air conditioning systems for maximum comfort and efficiency.

    • available with °C & °F Scale or °C only
DIGITAL Thermometers

This versatile digital thermometer shows indoor/outdoor temperatures & humidity and records the maximum and minimum temperatures measured in °F/°C. It offers instant and accurate readings for a wide range of applications.

• Meteorology
• Refrigerators and Freezers
• Greenhouse
• Poultry


Our digital thermometer offer clear advantages:

  • Shows humidity
  • Large and clear display
  • Integrated stand and hanging slot
  • Records maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Show time
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