Grass Cutting Machine

We are offering Grass Cutting that is specially designed for maximum output in minimum efforts. And it strictly performs based on the cutting-edge technology. It enables you to cross whatever terrain and reach whatever hard-to-access rogue patches of grass you desire. In addition, our machine is easy to assemble and to maintain. Instead of tearing the grass, like a gas or electric machine does, it nicely snips the grass like a pair of scissors. Also, using a push machine is a great form of exercise.


  • Light, maneuverable, and economical.
  • Solid, sharp, and knife-sharp steel blades.
  • durable, well-constructed, simple device
  • cutting edge technology
  • heavy handle for easy push
  • Adjustment: ¬†height of cut easily adjustable by slacking two bolts on each side
  • Structure: Special hardened cast iron frame
  • Grass box: Large capacity steel box


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