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What is the normal delivery time?

We keep a number of our products in our stock for ready to be deliver .You may send us your required model number to get the right delivery time at this movement.

What is battery cycle life?

One cycle of a battery is a discharge from full charge to full discharge and a return to full charge again. The total number of cycles a battery can perform before failure is called its Cycle Life. Most battery manufacturers will not discus the Cycle Life of their product. Many advertised Deep Cycle batteries have not been tested, or, which is the case with cranking batteries, were never designed for long Cycle Life .

Does overcharging damage batteries?

OVERCHARGING is the most destructive element in battery service. Usually the boater is not aware that this is occurring as he believes his alternator or battery charger is “automatic.” Unfortunately, these automatic circuits are sensitive to voltage surges, heat, direct lightening strikes and indirect lightening electromagnetic influences and could fail or shift their calibration. When they fail, overcharging begins to effect the batteries.

What can I do to keep my scale working correctly?

To keep your scale operating correctly as long as possible, be sure to protect it from exposure to dirt, dust, moisture, and temperature extremes. To ensure accuracy, allow your scale to return to room temperature before weighing.

How often should I have my scale calibrated?

This depends on the type of scale and application, as well as your ISO requirements. We’ll help you determine the proper schedule for calibrating your equipment.

Which setup is best for my business. Can you help?

Our sales engineers are ready to help you design the right scale setup for your application.

Do you have other scale models available besides what's on your website?

Yes! We publish some of our more popular models and accessories on our site, but we work with a number of different manufacturers and stock or can special order items that aren’t shown on the website.

Is my scale covered under warranty?

Many of our scales and accessories come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Ask your Sales Engineer for more details!

Why buy a bathroom scale?

In a world of smartphones, smart homes and smart cars, smart scales come as no surprise. Your health is one of the most important things you have to manage.

Will my scale work on carpet or other soft flooring (i.e. linoleum or vinyl)?

AmeerSons scales are engineered to provide maximum accuracy and will not provide accurate readings on carpeting.

Will moving my scale affect accuracy and dependability?

If possible, we recommend keeping your scale in the same position at all times (on a flat, hard surface). If you have to store it, you may have to recalibrate the scale to ensure accurate readings.

What is the accuracy of your kitchen scales?

All AmeerSons digital scales are accurate to +-.1 ounces or less.  Please check the specifications on the individual models for greater detail..

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