CEO’s Message

“People often say that this world has become a global village, but for me it’s not more like that as it has become a global room and that is exactly the secret of Ameer Sons’ Success. From last decade, Ameer Sons has revolutionized the business and marketing trend as far as Weighing Industry  is concerned, and by following this very approach, it is considered as simply the best in the field today. It has changed the conventional weighing industry in Pakistan and with introduction of latest automated instruments, it surely is considered as a trend setter organization in the very sector. It’s not about putting words here as Ameer Sons’ focus has always been on the lines of quality, clarity, convenience and confidence. The story doesn’t halt here as this 37 years old journey makes me able to practice  CSR  i.e “Corporate Social Responsibility” in an environment which has actually made me able to renown as pioneer in the market.

In the end, I would like to thank my ventured companies who has assist me at both national or international level, to bring the best in the market and for my honoured customers I hope that their  previous belief in Ameer Sons would continue to act as a guiding force in future  as well and this diversifying organization will serve you again in the same way as per your earlier experience.”


M Jameel Akhtar
Ameer Sons



AMEER SON’s mission is to provide reliable, efficient and courteous service to its
Customers at a competitive price.


To be One of PAKISTAN’s most important source of scales to world market